Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Splash

Big Splash, originally uploaded by AHMED..

Big Splash

Here is the technique for this shot: I placed an 8X8X8 inches glass tank on a table which also had glass on its top and placed the flash on the bottom of the table. Placed two layers of tracing paper beneath the glass tank for softening the flash light.

Fired the flash remotely in optical slave mode (Sigma DG-Super 500). The result would have been a lot better by using a second flash on the upper side.

Attached a white plastic sheet inside the tank with super-glue on three sides. Front side in uncovered for the camera to see inside.

Attached the camera on a tripod. Dropped the fruit with my right hand and pressed the shutter release button with my left hand. Had to throw the fruit many times for the perfect timing. Need a lot of patience :)

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Uploaded by AHMED. on 25 Jul 07, 9.48PM PDT.

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